Swoddharak Vidyarthi Sanstha's
Dadasaheb Rawal College, Dondaicha
NAAC Re-Accreditated Grade 'A' (CGPA 3.30)
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Physical Education & Sports:

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1) About Department
2) Aim
3) Objectives
4) Facilities
5) Teaching Staff
6) Departmental Activities
7) Incentives for Players
8) Departmental Reports
9) Current Activities
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1) About Department
The Swoddhark Vidyarthi Sanstha Dondaicha initially started the faculty of Science in 1984. & Arts College in 1991. The Department of Physical Education and Sports was established with an independent Science College in 1984. In Two Cycles of NAAC Accreditation Excellent, Vibrant and Dynamic remarks were given by NAAC Committee.
2) Aim
  • Life Devoted for Nation.
  • To develop all round personality of the students.
  • To develop the feelings of co-operation and co-existence.
  • To make aware the importance of sound mind is sound body through physical fitness.
3) Objectives
  1. To develop the physical fitness of the student.
  2. To ensure mass participation of the student.
  3. To identify the sports-talent and nurture it.
  4. To develop the spirit of Sportsmanship, Qualities of Leadership, Sprit of Risk-taking, Co-operative Team work with Social Aspects.
  5. To make the students realize their Strength, Skills, Fitness & Alertness.
  6. To arouse interest in self-defence related sports for self-defence.
4) Facilities
Our college has a tradition of providing an all-round development for students, by making available facilities for sports activities.
  1. Badminton Hall
  2. Table Tennis Wooden Court
  3. Wrestling and Judo Hall
  4. Health Club / Yoga Hall
  5. Sports Equipment’s as per event
  6. Indoor Games-
  7. The College is endowed with a well-equipped multipurpose indoor stadium named with Dadasaheb Rawal Knolwdge city Stadium. There is provision of a separate wooden court meant exclusively for playing badminton. The other games played are Table Tennis, Wrestling, Judo, Power lifting, Weight Lifting, Body building and chess.
  8. Outdoor Games-
  9. The College has 5 acres multipurpose playground where students are trained to play variety of games. The athletes have facility of a special 400 meters 6 lane standard running track. There is provision for games like cricket, football, soft ball, base ball, hand ball, volley ball, kho-kho, kabaddi, hockey and Basketball Ground.
  10. Gymnasium-
  11. The Gymnasium is equipped with multipurpose well equipped gym with magnetic bike, treadmill for physical fitness of students.
5) Teaching Staff
Dr. Devendra Panditrao Dhakad
Designation: Director of Physical Education and Sports
Qualification: M.P.Ed, Ph.D.
Cellphone: 9850662717
Email: devendrapdhakad@gmail.com
6) Departmental Activities
  1. College Sports Activities (As per University Schedule).
  2. International Yoga Day.
  3. National Sports Day.
  4. Blood Donation Camp.
  5. Medical Check-up.
  6. Inter Collegiate Tournaments Organization.
  7. Physical Fitness (Self-Defense).
  8. Swoddhark Vidyarthi Sanstha Dondaicha; Annual Sports Meet.
7) Incentives for Players
  1. Sports Kit for each selected player.
  2. D.A. per day & lodging allowance is given to Players
  3. T.A. is given to Players.
  4. A University Player is provided with a tracksuit by the college.
  5. Incentive Marks as per University Rules.
  6. Medical expenses done by college at the time of Sports Event.
  7. Press Publicity / Published Names in College Magazine and News Papers.
  8. Felicitation of Sports Person on 26th January of Every Year.
  9. Display Names on Honur Board and Flexes.
  10. Achievement Certificate from University.
8) Departmental Reports
  1. Departmental Report 2016-17
  2. Departmental Report 2017-18
  3. Departmental Report 2018-19
  4. Departmental Report 2019-20
  5. Departmental Report 2020-21
  6. Departmental Report 2021-22
  7. Departmental Report 2022-23
  8. Report International Yoga Day 2021-22
  9. Report International Yoga Day 2022-23
  10. National Sports Day (NSD) Report 2016-17
  11. National Sports Day (NSD) Report 2017-18
  12. National Sports Day (NSD) Report 2018-19
  13. National Sports Day (NSD) Report 2019-20
  14. National Sports Day (NSD) Report 2020-21
  15. National Sports Day (NSD) Report 2021-22
9) Current Activites
  • National Sports day 29 August 2022 Celebreation.
  • Marathon Competition Organized on Occasion of 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Click Here
  • Department of Sports & Physical Education Prize distribution.
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