Swoddharak Vidyarthi Sanstha's
Dadasaheb Rawal College, Dondaicha
NAAC Re-Accreditated Grade 'A' (CGPA 3.30)
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Mentor Mentee Program:

In order to resolve day to day problems of the students, it has been decided toappoint mentors from among the fulltime teachers of the college. The students/menteeshave been allotted department wise. The list of Mentors and their allotted Mentees list hasbeen attached with this circular for your perusal.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mentors:

  • To help students understand the challenges and opportunities present in the college.
  • To monitor students' regularity and discipline.
  • Improvement of Students- Teacher relationship.
  • To counsel academically weak students and to play an important role in helpingtroubled students cope with academic, extra-academic and personal issues.
  • To provide guidance to students in order enable them to choose right career path,positive role models to first year undergraduate students in the institute.
  • To proactively try to identify various issues of concern to the general studentpopulace and to bring them to the notice of the concerned authorities.
  • To provide them one such friend among the seniors, with whom they can freely sharetheir problems, ask any queries which they otherwise feel shy to ask or share.