Swoddharak Vidyarthi Sanstha's
Dadasaheb Rawal College, Dondaicha
NAAC Re-Accreditated Grade 'A' (CGPA 3.30)
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From Chairman's Desk:

Chairman Desk
       Swoddharak Vidyarthi Sanstha has been proficiently providing the quality education to accommodate the educationally and economically weak students of the rural and drought prone region from its establishment on 29th June, 1921.The motto of this institution of pre-independence time is “Udharedatmanatmanam” which means, the prosperity of self-mind for self-benefit.
      As the changing vistas of education and keeping in view the global and provincial challenges, the institution aimed to impart the higher education in science and technology to this rural and drought prone area students. Keeping in mind this broad vision, the pioneer of the institution, Hon‟ble Dadasaheb Rawal consented to start science college and as per the consent, the first college of providing higher education in science of the Shindkheda region started by the institution on 1st Sept.1984. The institution started the faculty of Arts in 1992 to fulfil the increasing demand of it by the stakeholders.
          Technology is advancing day by day. New institutions are launched every year in and around Dondaicha city. Every institute is trying its best to give the best possible facilities to the students. However, it is our commitment to the students and parents that Dadasaheb Rawal college will definitely honor word which is important to the management of Swoddharak Vidyarthi Sanstha i.e “Udharedatmanatmanam”.

Hon. J. J. Rawal